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In many agile organisations we come across four similar problems again and again:

1. despite of agile teams, completion and delivery to the customer takes forever.
2. there are constant dependencies that make the teams wait for each other.
3. priorities are either constantly changing or everything is equally important. It is simply not clear what to work on next.
4. milestones, quality gates and classic key figures are reported and roadmaps are planned for years – the agile methods have to serve classic thinking.

Whether it’s implementing corporate strategy, collaborating across the organisation or strengthening agile structures, Flight Levels focuses on active action. Flight Levels is a lightweight framework that helps to improve the organisation’s processes and culture from the inside out. Flight Levels activate your organisation’s agility in a straightforward and cost-effective way.

Are you ready for the change that matters? Discover how Flight Levels can take your business to the next level.

We understand FLIGHT LEVELS as the third wave of agility.

The first wave was about team agility. Individual teams were optimised with agile methods and trimmed for performance.
When it was realised that local optimisations did not necessarily improve the overall result, the second wave began to scale the agile principles.

Agile-at-scale in the form of SaFE, LeSS, mOre and the Spotify model led to huge transformation projects, but these often did not result in any significant improvement in the performance of the overall organisations.

In the third wave, we are now looking at the business agility of the overall organisations: not the individual parts or methods at the hierarchy levels, but the agile interactions between the units at all levels. This is no longer just about methods, but about corporate culture and attitude.

Operational, coordination and strategy

LEVEL 1 … manages the operational work. This is where WORK ITEMS are completed and delivered.

LEVEL 2 … models the flow of WORK through the organisation and coordinates the collaboration of teams, units and organisations to translate ACTION ITEMS into customer value.

LEVEL 3 … this is where strategy becomes strategy work. In regular cycles and iterations, STRATEGY ITEMS are defined, reviewed, challenged and translated into ACTION ITEMS that are operationalised in the organisation.

So please take your seats and fasten your seatbelts.

The FLIGHT LEVELS workshop programme

The FLIGHT LEVELS workshop programme offers practice-oriented units in which the necessary knowledge is imparted and at the same time applied in a goal-oriented way. We deal with the flow of work through the organisation, whether for tribes, departments or product teams or overall organisationally for many units and their interaction. We design agile interactions to enable organisations to achieve real BUSINESS AGILITY.


FLIN Logo​ FLIN – Flight Levels Introduction is the introduction to the world of. In this introductory course you will learn about the ideas and mechanisms of flight levels and understand which challenges can be overcome with them.

Despite extensive agile transformations, the performance of many organisations is not increased – on the contrary – they often become slower. Let’s “wire” the (agile) individual pieces into an agile overall organisation.


FL2D LogoExplore the real dynamics of collaboration in your organisation. Learn how to adapt Flight Level 2 systems to the realities of your context and where best to start. In the Flight Level 2 Design Workshop we use the 5 Flight Levels Activities to visualise, initiate and maintain the flow of communication and information between multiple Flight Levels systems.

Create your individual Flight Level 2 system without the need for extensive restructuring. Overcome barriers and bottlenecks in your organisation. Discover how Flight Levels can enable seamless collaboration between teams, departments and units working together on products and services.
We consider dependency management, prioritisation techniques and success measurement strategies to continuously improve our organisation.
After the workshop, you will be able to create – boards to coordinate the work of 30 to 300 people – across teams, products and/or services, manage interdependencies and thus systematically improve the performance of entire parts of the value chain.


FL3D LogoCreate a Flight Level 3 system to realise your strategy.

Do you know the feeling that your business strategy exists only on PowerPoint slides? Learn how to harmoniously link your company’s long-term vision with everyday activities. Design the to establish company-wide cooperation and develop products and services that create maximum benefit.


FLSA LogoSystem Architecture – Building an Enterprise Flow through Flight Levels

Are you currently in the midst of an agile transformation? Or do you have plans to embark on one in the future? If you are looking for an innovative method to integrate agility into your company and develop it into an agile organisation, then the Flight Levels approach is exactly what you need.

The Flight Levels system architecture allows you to look at your organisation from a new perspective. It offers a holistic approach to optimising your organisation in a straightforward, practical and economical way.

The aim of this course is to teach you how the different levels of are linked and how you can improve their performance. In addition, you will learn how to link isolated agile approaches to improve the flow of value in your organisation.


Enhance your ability to manage large-scale change initiatives at all flight levels, while confidently leading and facilitating change at every level.

Successfully taking your organisation to the next level requires more than technically sound visualisation, clear focus and effective feedback. You also need people who proactively participate in the desired development. Furthermore, the ability to co-design an agile workflow is essential.

Sharpen your skills for running flight level initiatives at all levels (2/3/FLSA) and catapult your skills to a higher level.

In this workshop you will expand your repertoire for leading comprehensive change initiatives at the.



Once the decision has been made to improve the operational organisation of an entire company through the application of the FLIGHT LEVELS concept, change is on the horizon. As a FLIGHT LEVELS Coach, you know the specifics of the systems at the different FLIGHT LEVELS. You know how FLIGHT LEVELS architectures are designed and rolled out, how the flow of information between FLIGHT LEVELS is established and how changes are best communicated to achieve business agility for the whole organisation. As an FLCP, you support groups in building their FLIGHT LEVELS systems and offer a wealth of empathy and reflection to guide others in this process – top managers as well as large groups and individual team members.