What are the chances of reaching the moon with a steam engine?

Good? I help your organisation to overcome this illusion.

The world is undergoing digital transformation and is changing exponentially. However, our control methods are designed for linear worlds.

Trying to grasp a new world with outdated methods overwhelms the possibility of the methods. The perfidious thing is that until now, the methods have been correct and have served us well. But suddenly we have to realise that our recipes for success from yesterday no longer work today. It is not enough to train a little here and learn a little there – we need a different attitude.

The VUCA world is a world of increased uncertainty. And decision-making under risk is completely different from decision-making under uncertainty. 
Deciding under risk means monitoring the deviation from the plan and taking measures to minimise and compensate for the deviations. Deciding under uncertainty means monitoring the plan itself and taking measures that adjust the plan to reality. Plan-driven work ignores the facts that make compliance with the plan impossible because compliance with the plan itself is the goal.

Steampunk Economy CoverI call the attempt to solve complex business challenges with the economic instruments of the last century Steampunk EconomyAgile leadership means overcoming steampunk economy. Modern ways of working and models of thinking such as Flight LevelsRelationship Intelligence, and Kanban help to design organisations and working environments that are capable of change and performance.​

How to create Innovation

In Steampunk Economy, it is no surprise that 90% of innovation and growth projects fail because they do not meet customer needs, and do not have a coherent end2end approach.
The UNITE Framework described in our book ‘How to Create Innovation‘ is the first fully-fledged business model framework containing 50+ tools you can use in your workshops, including guiding questions and background comments.


I have specialised in overcoming the steampunk economy.

What do you align the purpose and goal of your company with in a digital world?

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The first step to changing our understanding of the world happens in the mind.

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