Now we have to be strong: Flow means there is no finish line!

When will we be ready?

Steampunk EconomyIt used to be very simple. A cause was always followed by an effect, milestone B was followed by milestone C, and when all the work packages were delivered, you were done. We built such beautiful railway stations, philharmonic halls and airports.

In our world, which is permeated by complexity, it is no longer possible to determine exactly what is cause and what is effect. Everything is connected to everything else – and the new question is: “How”? The question of “when” we are finished no longer matters. Because we are finished as soon as we stop. What matters is what we finish with. If there is no finish line, we have to be careful to always get the most value.

Agility means being reactive, fast and cost-efficient. Being fast and reactive means that decisions are made at the points where the issues arise. Problems are solved immediately and not delegated to a decision-making body. This requires individual competence and structures that call on, allow and demand this individual competence. This is not a hierarchical pyramidal structure, but a flexibly woven network whose compass is customer satisfaction.

Modern leadership understands change as a permanent state

Leadership in an agile context requires a dynamic attitude. Modern leadership must understand change as a permanent state and beSteampunk able to accompany people and processes in order to promote self-responsibility and creativity. In order to measure and review the success of change, the classic KPIs do not help us. On the contrary – if we apply them in the change process, in the transition, then the measuring method may be the right one, but the measuring point is the wrong one.

This is a different view of value and value streams – you need someone who is familiar with this. I know the topology and can help your team find the right path on the terrain.

The correct answer is:

There is no more finished.
There is only enough.
You need to know your “enough”.