Steam Engine to the Moon

A plea for unleashing innovative potential and overcoming the steampunk economy

Steampunk Economy CoverMany executives, organisations and companies believe that the economic demands of the digital age can be met with diligence, skill and experience. They build on expertise, established structures and processes that they have been able to rely on for decades. They perfect the known methods and procedures and strive for the highest degree of flawlessness. However, they overlook the fact that striving for perfection is not only counterproductive, but even harmful.

In times of digitalisation and the accompanying globalisation, products, goods and services are not constantly getting better, they are constantly getting different. The processes and business models that drive the economy are constantly changing. Those who focus on perfecting familiar methods, both in production, but even more so in organisational design and leadership, are training a racehorse and do not realise that they are competing against a Formula 1 racing car.

Economics, management and human resources are based on 19th century theoretical foundations. They are perfected steam engines – smooth running, enduring in operation and elegant to look at. And completely unsuitable for flying to the moon. In short: they are representatives of steampunk economy.

Steampunk Economy Cover
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